More monolingual and parallel data

This section is about additional sources of parallel or monolingual data done using parts or the whole ParaCrawl pipeline or using the data to create derived corpora.

Last release
April 2021
English monolingual data from ParaCrawl V8
Monolingual data from ParaCrawl V8: English

The corpus has 96,470,655,818 lines, 1,337,127,886,176 tokens, and 9,153,226,323,307 characters of English. Text was extracted from HTML, classified, split, and deduplicated.

The corpus is available as 128 files, split by the hash of the line. The first and last URLs are:

for i in {0..127}; do
  wget$(printf "%03i" $i).gz

Files are hosted on the Internet Archive. Due to their 1 TB limit per directory, there are redirects to the appropriate directory.

Source data
This is all the English data used for ParaCrawl release 8, which is based on the following crawls.
More languages

Coming, though ParaCrawl release 9 processing takes priority. That will have even more data!

Next Data Releases
September 2021
Patent parallel corpora made of English and Croatian, Norwegian (Bokmål), German, Polish, Spanish, and French. Also Icelandic might be included
EuroPat: Unleashing European Patent Translations

Patents provide a rich source of technical vocabulary, product names, and person names that complement other data sources used for machine translation.

This Action will will mine parallel corpora from patents by aggregating, aligning, and converting patent data. Alignment and cleaning modules in the ParaCrawl pipeline will be enhanced and used to carry out this action.

The first release included English-German (12.6M parallel sentences) and English-French corpora (9.2M parallel sentences) made up by using information from the European Patent Organisation database to identify patents.

The second release includes 6 language combinations: English-German (15.5M parallel sentences), English-Spanish (44.4M parallel sentences), English-French corpora (12M parallel sentences), English-Croatian (75k parallel sentences), English-Norwegian (4M parallel sentences) and English-Polish (89k parallel sentences) from various sources.

Implementation schedule: September 2010 to September 2021

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Last release
October 2020
Multi-parallel corpus by pivoting via English made from ParaCrawl data.
MultiParaCrawl v 7.1

Parallel corpora from Web Crawls collected in the ParaCrawl project and further processed for making it a multi-parallel corpus by pivoting via English. They only provide the additional language pairs that came out of pivoting. The bitexts for English are available from the ParaCrawl release.
Stats about the data in MultiParaCrawl v7.1:

  • 40 languages, 669 bitexts
  • total number of files: 40
  • total number of tokens: 10.14G
  • total number of sentence fragments: 505.48M

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